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The Sprayberry STEM Booster club was created to help furnish the needs of our STEM academy and provide meaningful STEM enrichment opportunities for our students and educators. 

Why do we need a Booster Club?

Sprayberry's integrated STEM model makes us unique within the county. Our educators focus on giving students STEM enrichment and engagement past the confines of classroom curriculum. In order to do this, we need to be able to provide our students access to resources and materials where they can build and test our their ideas to further their learning. We also strongly believe that just as we enrich our students, we need to enrich our teachers.  The Booster Club will help provide our STEM educators with opportunities to present and attend national STEM educator conferences to develop as professionals and connect with like minded teachers across the country.   A Booster Club will be able to provide the necessary funding for our students and educators to learn, engage, and grow. 

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How much are dues?

Just like a band booster club or dues for a sport, we ask that all students in the STEM academy pay their dues each year. We understand that for some families, extra dues can be an issue and we are more than willing to work with any family who has concerns with annual payments. We will never turn away a student from academic engagement due to financial difficulties. 

Dues are $78 ($75 with $3 paypal fee. We are a small organization so we are not exempt from online fees) per year and all students will receive a T-shirt and will also receive other branded items like stickers and water bottles depending on funding raised each year.  Please use the "Pay dues now" button below

We also gladly take donations from businesses and professional organizations!

Follow us!

We will keep information about fundraising, meetings, and all the amazing things happening in the Sprayberry STEM Academy on our social media platforms. Please like, follow and share!

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